I dedicate this book to those who have gone before

and transmitted their knowledge faithfully and fully.

I bow and say:

Please Teach Me




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Published by: Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc. 2017
New York, NY USA
Paperback - ISBN-13: 978-0-9990427-0-0
E-Book -  ISBN-13: 978-0-9990427-1-7

Foreword by: Marina Kamen
Edited by: Justin Bartholemew Kamen, Esq. and Philip Weissman
Additional Editing by: Melvin Isidore Morgenstein Ed.D.
Consultant: Robert Mark Kamen, Ph.D.
Proofreading: Tess Molly Kamen and Elinore Kamen
Graphic Design by: Tyler Michael Kamen

Special thanks to Erika Pochybova and James W. Johnson for the beautiful cover art entitled “Twilight”, which captures the essence of this book and all the beauty that lies “beneath the surface”.