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Roy Kenneth Kamen

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My experiences with Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu KaraTe


Reflections Isshinryu Class

Reflections • 12-29-2019 • Beginning in June 2018, I took a part-time job assisting an Isshinryu Sensei teaching children KaraTe on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The kids’ ages ranged from two and a half through fourteen and were mostly from upper-middle-class families. I had studied Isshinryu for several years as a kid myself […]

The Winter Holiday Spectacular Show​

The Winter Holiday Spectacular Show​

The Winter Holiday Spectacular Show • 12-17-2019 • The day was upon us. The students were nervous. The Director was nervous. I was nervous. The previous day’s dress rehearsal was close to a disaster. To me, a seasoned show producer, it appeared that the Musical Director was not able to control the kids well enough […]

One Reached

One Reached Reach

One Reached • 12-01-2019 • Fabio has a strong spirit and unlike many other students, he pays attention to instruction. Blessed with an athletic body and handsome face, Fabio has become a first-class student. During punching practice I noticed Fabio stepping forward and extending his punching arm as well as his whole body way too […]