Spiritual Content of Kata

Roy Kenneth Kamen

One Reached

• 12-01-2019 •


Fabreeze has a strong spirit and unlike many other students, he pays attention to instruction. Blessed with an athletic body and handsome face, Fabreeze has become a first-class student.

During punching practice I noticed Fabreeze stepping forward too far and extending his punching arm as well as his whole body way too far. I stood in front of him and moved his body and arm into the proper position. Looking into his eyes, standing inches from his face I whispered: “Fabreeze, you are tall, handsome in great shape and are smart. You don’t have to reach. Just have confidence and be yourself. Be proud.”

He silently stared at me for a moment, and his eyes began to water.

I noticed that he has stopped reaching and has been standing a bit taller in class.

I am seeing changes in my charges.