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Teaching Path

The Itch To Teach

The Itch To Teach • 09-01-2019 • I have been teaching Traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu since I reached Brown Belt level

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Hello Students

Hello Students • 10-28-2019 • The subway ride was uneventful. Upon leaving the station in Flatbush, Brooklyn, I noticed the refreshing

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One Reached

One Reached • 12-01-2019 • Fabio has a strong spirit and unlike many other students, he pays attention to instruction. Blessed

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Isshinryu Class


Reflections • 12-29-2019 • Beginning in June 2018, I took a part-time job assisting an Isshinryu Sensei teaching children KaraTe on

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Program Logo

Program Review

Program Review • 1-15-2020 • I just received a review from The Edge After School Program. “Following a courtesy exchange and

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Potential • 1-24-2020 • What do you see in the above picture? A room with tables, chairs, and things on the

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On Guard


Unity • 2-5-2020 • “We are Dojo brothers and sisters. We are KaraTe family”. These are two of the phrases the

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Karate Boy Vs CoronaVirus

KaraTe and Coronavirus

As the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus Pandemic spirals out of control, I felt it
was a good idea to teach the kids some basic viral self-defense hygiene
as part of our KaraTe class.

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Life and Death

Life and Death • 3-26-2020 • Across the street from the Middle School where I teach Karate is the Reformed Protestant

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Zoom Karate Class

The Virtual Dojo

The Virtual Dojo • 3-31-2020 • The country is locked down. Schools and businesses have closed to create “social distancing”. People

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