Spiritual Content of Kata

Roy Kenneth Kamen

It's Gone Viral

• 12-19-2019 •


Bow and say: “Please Teach Me”.

Over the last few weeks I noticed a few of my students would see me in the hall, stop, bow and say “Please Teach Me”. I realized my teaching was having an effect. And when I pass by a classroom with an open door and one of my students sees me, they shout out “Please Teach Me”.

Today, as I walked the hall, students I dont know started bowing and saying “Please Teach Me”!

OMG, it’s gone viral!

On this last day of class before the Winter Break, the after-school program teachers had a Secret Santa gift-giving party. It was a lot of fun. I am at least twice the age of most of them. Even with my white-greying hair, they have accepted me into their group with open arms and have been very friendly and kind to me. My Secret Santa gave me a Karate Instructor’s Day Planner book. As we said goodbye and went off in different directions, two of them stopped, bowed, and said: “Thank You Very Much.” 🙂