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Roy Kenneth Kamen

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Teaching Goju-Ryu and Isshinryu Martial Arts

One Reached

One Reached Reach

One Reached • 12-01-2019 • Fabio has a strong spirit and unlike many other students, he pays attention to instruction. Blessed with an athletic body and handsome face, Fabio has become a first-class student. During punching practice I noticed Fabio stepping forward and extending his punching arm as well as his whole body way too […]

Hello Students

Hello Students Blood

Hello Students • 10-28-2019 • The subway ride was uneventful. Upon leaving the station in Flatbush, Brooklyn, I noticed the refreshing ethnic diversity of the area. Making my way to the school I passed many stores. This is obviously a busy area with lots of street traffic and people shopping. I felt relatively safe however […]