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Roy Kenneth Kamen

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Teaching Goju-Ryu and Isshinryu Martial Arts


Unity On Guard

Unity • 2-5-2020 • “We are Dojo brothers and sisters. We are KaraTe family”. These are two of the phrases the students recite at the beginning of every class. The purpose is to create a camaraderie amongst them. While each of them has a few friends in the group, I wanted a special relationship to […]


Potential Classroom

Potential • 1-24-2020 • What do you see in the above picture? A room with tables, chairs, and things on the walls?Perhaps you see a linoleum floor and fluorescent lighting?Or maybe you see a classroom? It is, indeed, a classroom. It is the Art room in the Middle School. For now, it is empty, but […]

Welcome To 2020

Welcome To 2020 Police Car

Welcome to 2020 • 1-19-2020 • 2020 started with a bang. As soon as I arrived at school, my phone buzzed with a Citizen’s alert. Citizen is an app that alerts you to any police or emergency activity in your immediate surroundings. A man in the subway station, I had left 5 minutes prior, was […]