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Practicing Martial Arts


Unity On Guard

Unity • 2-5-2020 • “We are Dojo brothers and sisters. We are KaraTe family”. These are two of the phrases the students recite at the beginning of every class. The purpose is to create a camaraderie amongst them. While each of them has a few friends in the group, I wanted a special relationship to […]

Program Review

Program Review Program Logo

Program Review • 1-15-2020 • I just received a review from The Edge After School Program. “Following a courtesy exchange and introduction, students performed a series of exercises that ranged from stretching and “chambering” drills to stand-still punching with focus pads, walking while punching, and kicking while walking. Throughout the lesson, Instructor Kamen, a seasoned […]

Breaking Through To The Other Side

Breaking Through To The Other Side Board Breaking

Break On Through To The Other Side • 01-12-2020 • My Flatbush students have been “getting with the program” since we returned after Winter break. Several of them can now punch, block, and kick correctly. Stances have improved, and overall behavior is better. My problem students are in the Seventh-grade class. It consists of thirteen […]