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Roy Kenneth Kamen

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My experiences with Isshinryu KaraTe

The Virtual Dojo

The Virtual Dojo Zoom Karate Class

The Virtual Dojo • 3-31-2020 • The country is locked down. Schools and businesses have closed to create “social distancing”. People are working remotely from home, and children are busy taking online classes. It is a changing world because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic. Since the Brooklyn Middle school, the Isshinryu Dojo on the Upper […]

Program Review

Program Review Program Logo

Program Review • 1-15-2020 • I just received a review from The Edge After School Program. “Following a courtesy exchange and introduction, students performed a series of exercises that ranged from stretching and “chambering” drills to stand-still punching with focus pads, walking while punching, and kicking while walking. Throughout the lesson, Instructor Kamen, a seasoned […]


Reflections Isshinryu Class

Reflections • 12-29-2019 • Beginning in June 2018, I took a part-time job assisting an Isshinryu Sensei teaching children KaraTe on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The kids’ ages ranged from two and a half through fourteen and were mostly from upper-middle-class families. I had studied Isshinryu for several years as a kid myself […]